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Getty Images - Stock Photography
Fotolia - Royalty Free Stock Photos

Other Projects

Danube-Camps - Communication across borders - An Erasmus+ Project
Stephan Rebernik Photography - My main website
My work at Flickr - A selection of my pictures
Documentación - Not the best, but the important - Find your very own way through lots of my pictures from three continents
Eintagsfoto - Just a picture a day - The Meintagsfoto where I choose the best picture of the day
Komm Flieg Mit - Many stories and photos about travelling, together with S&M (only available in german)

Photograpy of Friends

Fallen Audience is pictureing - It's just pictureing, not even more, but it's enough
S&M Chronicles - The Eintagsfotos of Stefan & Tini

Other Photographers & Blogs

Andreas Jakwerth - A photographer from Vienna
Colossal - Art & Visual Ingenuity
Christian Öser - Showcase
Cremers Photoblog - Professional photographer of the Austrian newspaper Der Standard
Dave Hill Photography - A professional from California
Frank Kunert - Photographs of Small Worlds
Julian Stratenschulte - A young photojournalist from Germany
Lucy Nicholson - A Reuters photograph from USA
Mike Matas - Photographer and designer
pilo pichler - lichtbilder - Vienna based photographer
Richard Avedon - The famous photographer
Severin Koller - Viennese photographer
The Big Picture - Always amazing, even breathtaking pictures
Yann Arthus-Bertrand - The Earth from Above


The Longest Way - Christoph Rehage walked through China
Where The Hell Is Matt? - Matt Harding dances around the world, together with locals


I. Neumair Bestattung und mehr - Thanatology & grief counseling - Everything you ever wanted to know about Innsbruck's tramway from Manni Schneiderbauer
Techno Base - Not always my music, but it belongs to a good friend
tomorrow university of Applied Sciences - Responsible Entrepreneurship - My brother's company